Long(Akbari) Pistachio 


Akbari pistachio's feature is its long and rectangular shape.It has a high economical value in the pistachio market. Its fruits are oval-shaped, stretched and large. Among its features are the dense and wide leaves, abundant fruit, late flowering and late growth time which are harvestable in the second week of September.

Avialiable size in 20_22.  22_24.



Long (Ahmad Aghayi) Pistachio


Ahmad Aghayi pistachio differs in taste and type from others. It has a long almond like shape with a lighter shell in color. It's plant has a moderate but vast growth habit. This kind's flowering time starts at the beginning of March and ends at sixth. Flowering lasts for thirteen days.

Avialaibl size in  20_22 .   22_24 .   24_26 .



Round Pistachio(Fandoghi) Pistachio

Round Pistachio  available  size in   28_30 ,  30_32 ,  32_34 ,  .




Jumbo(Kalle Ghochi) Pistachio



Jumbo or Kalle Quchi pistachio is the largest one among other types of pistachio and its fame is mainly for its size.It's plant is sensitive to the lack of water and nutrition and its leaves are mainly consisted of five leaflets. Being partially an early flower plant, it is more vulnerable to late spring frost damage. Depending on weather conditions, it is harvestable in the second and third week of the September. The tree's height is between the height of Round and Long pistachio tree.

Aviable size in  18_20 .  20_22 .  22_24 .  24_26 .

This type is bigger than the others. The name is derived from the shape is this type which look likes rams head. The unique taste of this pistachio is due to its high fat volume.

Available sizes:

18-20 pcs/oz, 22-24 pcs/oz, 24-26 pcs/oz.


the normal sorted kalleh ghouchi pistachio, grade 20-22 pcs/oz has Max 5% moisture, Max 2% C/M, Max 2.5% semi-open.


The regular packing is 50 kg Gunnies, and particular packing is 25 kg Gunnies. 10 and 12 kg cartons are also available based on the customer order.

Type Available: Natural Pistachio/ Closed Pistachio / Mechanically Opened Pistachio / Roasted and Salted Pistachio / Roasted Pistachio /Roasted and salted pistachio with added lime and spices


Natural Pistachio Kernel


Pistachio kernel is prepared from closed pistachio.

The available types of Pistachio kernels are:

Round Pistachio kernel

Jumbo Pistachio kernel

Long Pistachio kernel

Momtaz Pistachio kernel

Round Pistachio kernel